Luciano Boi analyzes Lucio Fontana’s work in Chapter 8 of his amazing  book “Pensare l’impossibile. Dialogo infinito tra arte e scienza”.


“Altered State” (2001) Video poetry by Bianco – Valente

Giovanna Bianco and Pino Valente are two of the most prolific Italian video artist of the XXI century. Their 2002 work “Deep Blue Ocean of Emptiness” was included in Video in Italy, RaroVideo’s DVD anthology of Italian Video Art.

Conceived as a video loop, Altered State is an interesting example of digital poetry. Words appear altogether on the screen for a fraction of a second. In some way, the metric of the poetic language is conserved, as every group of words that collectively appears and disappears form a verse. Ultimately, the scope of Altered State becomes clear; Bianco and Valente are experimenting with the way we experience not only poetry and visual art, but also with the way we experience the written word. Altered State is an experiment in deconstruction of the aesthetic experience of visual poetry and at the same time an attempt to reconfigure the cognitive processes that allow us to absorb the written word.

Caterina Davinio’s “Dialogie al Metroquadro”(1992-1994). Paroliberismo in the infancy of Digital Art.

In Dialogie al Metroquadro, Caterina Davinio mixes low and high art, read and digital poetry, classical music and digital sounds, typography and animation.

The use of typography art recalls immediately Marinetti’s paroliberismo and Zang Tumb Tumb, in which the Futurist artist experimented with words and with the technology through which those words could appear on the page of the book. In the somewhat early age of digital art of the 1990s, Davinio does something similar. In this case the technology is no longer analogic, but digital, which opens new artistic possibilities for the word amd for the poet. The animated is a step further in technological refinement from the typographic experimentation of Marinetti. Now words can move, they can appear and disappear, surprise the audience, create lanscapes, interact with sounds of various natures, etc.



Answering machine messages: an invitation to an international art exhibit on “crying and secrecy”; a message from an avant-garde art prize; a message from the plumber

“Fossero di dolore

codeste “O”  languorosi

supplizi, curve, guasti

dell’anima, pornografici

alveoli; ci si poteva

stare. A patto di essere


Caterina Davinio  Dialogie Al Metroquadro  1992 1994   YouTube

“almeno fossero state

sincere coi poeti

sincere loro per prime

e poi sarebbero venuti                                                         CITY

l’ex-sinistra e l’impegno                                          L’INFINITO URBANO

socioculturale delle vocali”

Caterina Davinio  Dialogie Al Metroquadro 2  1992 1994   YouTube

“Vocali e null’altro che vocali,

pensavate di sfuggire

all’eros alfabetico per

tuffarvi nel sociocosmico

culturale? PUTT.”



Digital images of a stylized naked woman, glitch distortion

Phone conversation between a child and their father


A round sun-like object hovers upon a glitch-distorted field. Grey-darkness and LSD-colorful-light alternate in this grotesque day/night sequence.

“Talmente mangiato ero di

malumore, tanto masticato

da supplizi sadomaso[…]”

Caterina Davinio  Dialogie Al Metroquadro 3 1992 1994   YouTube




Classical Music playing.

Grey and black images of a naked woman. She seems to be tied to a tree and her breasts shoot milk in every direction. Her body finally dissolves in cloud of digital noise.